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As a leader in chemistry lab equipment manufacturer and distribution. Educational Lab Equipments possesses a extremely trained and well-experienced team used in producing unit. We have got a well organized management structure for producing, marketing, supply and commerce, guaranteeing quality and timely deliveries. Through our persistent labor, we tend to area unit endowed the cooperation and support of our customers. Scientific and laboratory experiment instrument become a vital half in providing higher remedies for day to day issues. Keeping in mind the vitality of scientific instrumentation, we tend to develop a qualitative vary Dissolution take a look at equipment, Double Distillation equipment, Laboratory Autoclave, Rotary pump and numerous different. Designed with preciseness, these square measure extensively utilized in numerous industries like Pharmaceutical, Paint, Chemical, Sugar, Leather, Food etc. Educational Lab Equipments is a leading Chemistry Lab Equipment manufacturer and Supplier in India, Chemistry Lab Equipments Suppliers, Chemistry Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Chemistry Lab Equipments, Chemistry Lab, Chemistry Lab Equipments Exporters, Chemistry Lab Apparatus.
Using chemistry equipment safely in a lab is critical to ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and anyone else in the lab. Here are some general guidelines for using common chemistry equipment safely:
1) Wear Protective Gear
2) Read Instructions
3) Handle Chemicals Carefully
4) Clean Up Spills Immediately
5) Store Equipment Properly
The safe use of chemistry equipment in a lab requires proper preparation, understanding of equipment usage, following safety procedures, and taking steps to prevent accidents. Some of the common Chemistry lab Setup and Instruments required in a modern lab are Electronic balance, Hot air Oven, Stalagmometer, Ostwald’s Viscometer, China Dish, G. M. Digital Counter, Conical Flask, Fractional weight box, Glass Funnel, Graduated, pipette, Glass Rod, Glass Tube, Manual Balance, Glass Bottle, Magnetic Stirrer, Stop Watch, Petri Dish, Rubber Glove, Reagent Bottle, Rubber Bubble, Spatulas, Tongs, Wire Gauge, Sand Bath, Volumetric Flasks, Redwood Viscometer, Seybolt Viscometer, Pensky-Marten’s Flash, Print Apparatus, Digital Spectrophotometer .

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