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Vapour Absorption Test Rig

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Vapour Absorption Test Rig
The system is pre-charged with three fluids namely water, ammonia and hydrogen. In the absence of a compressor or pump, the circulation takes place by density difference. “Vapour Absorption Refrigerator” earlier known as “Electrolux” refrigerator is a self contained refrigerator working on absorption technology. Hydrogen is used as an “inert gas” and does not undergo any phase change and heat transfer processes. In the condenser, the high pressure vapours reject its latent heat to the surroundings and get liquefied.Its purpose is to keep the pressure of the system constant. It uses an electrically operated generator, where, the ammonia vapours dissolved in water are separated and pure ammonia vapours enter the condenser.  The liquid ammonia expands through expansion device where its pressure and temperature is reduced and cold low pressure vapour enters the evaporator where it absorbs heat from the space to be cooled and then vaporized ammonia absorbs in water. This strong solution then enters the generator and the cycle repeats.
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