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Water Cooler Test Rig

Product Code : EL-RAACLE-11515

Water Cooler Test Rig
The trainer consists of a hermetically sealed compressor, forced convection air-cooled condenser, filter / drier, flow meter, expansion device and coil wound type evaporator. Separate pressure gauges are provided to record suction and discharge pressures and digital temperature indicators for various temperatures. All the components are mounted on rigid steel frame. The refrigerant used is which is environment friendly. This is a direct expansion type evaporator. The heat absorbed by the refrigerant is passed through water which is continuously flowing.The Water Cooler Test Rig enables students to study and understand Vapor Compression Cycle, its components, principle and working. The water cooler consists of an insulated stainless steel tank around which evaporator tubes are wound and soldered. The tubes are made of refrigerated grade annealed copper tubes. 
We are leading manufacturers, suppliers of Water Cooler Test Rig for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments. Contact us to get high quality Water Cooler Test Rig for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries.

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