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Mechanical Heat Pump

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Mechanical Heat Pump
The primer consists of a hermetically sealed compressor, heat rejection chamber, drier-filter, expansion device, and heat absorption chamber. Liquid emerging out from the heat rejection chamber passes through the expansion device; it is throttled to low pressure & temperature & sent to heat absorption device where it boils. A drier filter is in the way to throttling device.  Separate pressure gauges are provided to measure heat absorption device & heat rejection device Pressures at various locations. Rotameter in the liquid line is incorporated to measure the refrigerant flow.All the components of heat pump Test Rig are displayed on powder coated fabricated stand. Digital temperature indicator displays temperatures at various locations as per the selection viz. temperature before & after compressor and before & after expansion. Energy meter is provided to measure energy consumed by compressor. 
We are leading manufacturers, suppliers of Mechanical Heat Pump for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments. Contact us to get high quality Mechanical Heat Pump for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments for schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries. 

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