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Laser Fibre Optic Trainer

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Laser Fibre Optic Trainer
Practical experience on this Trainer carries great educative value for Science & Engineering Students. Modulation and Demodulation Trainer have been developed to conduct studies on laser diode, optical Fibres and optical communication methods, by signal transmission. .

Characterization of a Laser Diode.
•  Optical Power (Po) of a Laser Diode Vs Laser Diode Forward current (IF).
•  Monitor Photodiode Current (IM) Vs Laser Optical Power Output (Po)

Design and Evaluation of an Laser Diode (LD) Analog IM System
•  Vo Vs Vin at Specified Optical Carrier Power Levels, Po.
•  Determination of Vin (max) at Specified Po for Distortion-free Vo.

Study of Automatic Current Control (ACC) or Automatic Power Control (APC) Modes of Operation
•  Comparison of ACC and APC Modes of Operation.

Design and Evaluation of Laser Diode LD Digital Transmission System
•  Risetime and Falltime Pulsewidth Distortions and Determination of Propogation Delay.
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